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Unfiled Back Tax Returns

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When an individual is the subject of a probe by the IRS or state collection agency due to back taxes, the first phase to resolve the issue is to stop the collection process. This is the first step whether the probe is due to tax lien, wage garnishment, tax levy or other issues.

The second step of the resolution process is to find out where the outstanding back taxes came from. Outstanding state or IRS tax debts are often due to incorrectly filed or unfiled back tax returns. The best way to settle back taxes is to file all the unfiled back tax returns, or revise the incorrect tax returns. Doing so will decrease one’s obligation to the IRS.

There are several tax settlement options that taxpayers can opt for as long as they are qualified. A tax service provider will be able to compute the correct amount of back taxes. This is one way to determine whether a person is qualified for the tax settlement options that include Installment Agreements, Penalty Abatement, and Offers in Compromise. With a consultant, the settlement amount can be less than the initially reported back taxes.

With our back taxes services, you are assured of having a licensed tax expert looking at your issue. Our experts can look at your records to determine the amount of back taxes, as well as the unfiled back tax returns. Make sure that you get advices only from professionals and not from a person who is purporting to be a tax advisor.

We provide a free consultation to provide an initial assessment of the back taxes problem. Clients are not required to pay a large sum right away. We provide great service to our clients and ensure that they only pay the right amount of back taxes.

Our team is composed of enrolled agents, tax lawyers, and CPAs who are familiar with unfiled back tax returns and other tax problems. They know the rules and regulations concerning tax returns and can come up with the right options to solve the problem. We can fix the audit that have caused the problem, such as submitting a document that was not forwarded to the auditor in order to reopen the case and can get the penalties, interest, and taxes amended.

We will not provide false hopes or promises that we can’t keep in the future. We will study your tax records to get the correct numbers of your tax statement. We will ensure that the amount you pay for your back taxes is the right one. We will also ensure that there are no unfiled back tax returns. We will also review your tax returns to determine if you have missed credits and deductions.