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Making it Easier to Pay Your Taxes.

Individual-TaxesOur company takes pride in having a team of accountants and tax professionals who will assist the individual needs of our clients related to their taxes. We are committed towards making it easy for you to pay your taxes and to spare you from the legal culpability that can result from the failure to pay the right taxes. With such, we provide a wide array of services to individuals who lack knowledge on taxation policies or simply for those who have hectic schedules and finding it hard to spare time to deal with their taxes.

Accounts Payable / Receivable

In the case of an accounts receivable, a revenue transaction is recorded but you do not receive any form of cash in exchange of the goods and services you have provided as an individual. This leads into an increase in your revenue and asset account, but the actual amount is not yet realized in its physical form. Meaning, no money is received yet, which is why it is an accounts receivable. In the case of accounts payable, on the other hand, you do not pay immediately for the goods and services received. Instead, you have it recorded as an accounts payable to be paid later. Our company can help individuals manage their accounts payable /receivable, making it possible to help you maintain a favorable cash flow.

Bank Reconciliations

From time to time, it is important to check your own records of your personal transactions in your bank and make sure they are aligned with the record of the bank. If there are discrepancies between your record and that of the bank, there are possible risks, such as paying overdraft charges and not knowing how much exactly you have in your account. Because we prioritize the convenience of our customers, you do not need to hassle with bank reconciliations. We have a team of experts using reconciliation tools to make sure record checking will be accurate and quicker.

Sales Tax Returns

Dealing with returns from sales tax can be a complicated task for one person, especially for someone who does not have knowledge on how such works. With this, our company is here to extend a helping hand. We can help you in processing sales tax returns, making sure risks are mitigated and being compliant with reporting requirements of the state.

Financial Statements

Most people would think that financial statements are only for corporations or for businesses. In reality, however, even individuals would need such, specifically in being able to calculate your net worth and your current financial condition, which will be needed in different instances, such as when applying for a loan. While there are templates available online, we recommend you hire our services for more comprehensive preparation of such statements, giving you the guarantee of their accuracy.