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Make smart decisions about your finances.

download (1)A & R Income Tax provides business management services for startups, and small and mid-sized businesses. Our services allow businesses to make smart decisions about their finances by making them understand their financial situation. We provide the information businesses require to manage operations and processes, plan the steps to meet their goals, and measure performance. Our services include budgeting, cash flow management, forecasting, management meeting, reporting, and business account services.


Most business owners know the value of creating budgets, but most of them have a hard time creating one for their business. We provide budgeting services to allow business owners to focus on their core processes. We ensure that our clients understand their cash position for every time period. Planning one’s budget is important when projecting how much money is required for a major project, such as hiring a new employee, purchasing equipment, and more.

Cash Flow Management

Startups can benefit a lot from cash flow management. One of the biggest challenges they face is managing their cash flow, and the cash flow statement is probably the most essential financial document for new businesses. We will analyze your cash flow so that you can plan for unforeseen eventualities that are often faced by businesses. We allow our clients to know when, how, and where their cash needs will come, and know the sources for their cash needs.


Forecasting is another important service that we provide to our business clients. We develop a consistent and reliable view of the future that can be used for supply chain, or for purposes of operations and sales planning. Forecasting is vital to small and mid-size companies, especially during a downturn. It can be disastrous for a business if they don’t have one. It doesn’t matter what their long term might be; it doesn’t matter when they run out of cash.

Management Meetings

Management meetings are important, and we will facilitate such meetings to ensure that they go as planned and all the important talking points are tackled. We ensure that the atmosphere is conducive to planning for the future of the business, and for coming up with solutions to current problems. We provide all the required financial data during management meetings and ensure everyone has a copy.


We provide financial statements of the business that are ideal for reporting their status to investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. We prepare the documents and ensure that they follow the standards of the industry.

Business Account Services

We provide a wide range of business account services that include tax preparation, accounting, payroll services, and bookkeeping. We take care of preparing and submitting documents required by the state and federal government that are connected with your business practice.