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IRS Audits Service

Providing you with accurate information that you'll need

irs-auditWhen it comes to providing you with the services you need in tax preparation and accounting, we’re the firm for you. Providing you with accurate information that you’ll need is what we strive for because you only deserve the best. With over ten years of experience in the field of tax preparation, we’ve handled a wide variety of customers and cases that have prepared us over the years to fine tune our services so that we can cater best to your needs. We can handle payroll budgets, IRS audits, and sales tax audits on your behalf so that you can be free of all the hassle.

Our tax professionals can save you on time and money on having to prepare the documents yourselves, and our services are affordable for the quality of assistance that we provide for such an intricate job. Many people decide to try and prepare their own taxes and accounting matters, believing that it can save them some money from hiring someone else to do it for them. However, the price of an accountant greatly outweighs the advantages that are reaped from having a professional do it for you. We’re trained in all of the fine details and intricacies that are involved in business management and tax preparation, so we know how to save you the most money on your taxes, and in an efficient manner that saves you time on having to learn all of these rules yourself.

It can be difficult for some businesses to hire an individual accountant to help them with their accounting matters, much less an entire firm, but with A&R Income Tax, you won’t have to break your wallet to get the same quality services that even the most expensive firms charge you for. We provide a full range of payroll services, preparation of forms for taxes, accounting services for individual professionals, start-up companies, and well-established enterprises, and maintain detailed records of all of our work so you can keep copies for your files.

Because we’re an enrolled agent, quality control is the key as our practices and services are being constantly reviewed by our peers to ensure that we are providing excellent service to all of our clients. Our customers deserve performance that meets only the highest professional standards when we conduct accounting services. That’s why we’ve developed such a reputation for being respectable in the work we do and the trust that we’ve gained over the years.

Trust A&R Income Tax to take care of you during your troubling times trying to manage the payroll of your business, avoid mishaps in business management and ensure that the taxes of your business have been filed properly. You shouldn’t have to suffer from such intricately difficult paperwork when you can trust us to take care of it for you.