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Sales Tax Returns

Take the Stress Out of Paying Sales Taxes.

If you’re doing business, you should be aware of sales tax returns and the fact that filing them is a business obligation. Sales tax is always collected by the seller on behalf of the state and forwards returns to the state either on a monthly or annual basis. Sales tax payments are determined based on the volume of business associated with an enterprise. A lot of businesses find it difficult dealing with sales tax returns especially if there is no qualified personnel to take charge of the filing process. The state is particular about compliancy of filing sales tax returns and businesses that fail to adhere to deadlines suffer punitive measures.

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed whenever the time comes to file sales tax returns? Most of the companies are often busy with other business functions and fail to pay attention to tax filing. At A&R Income Tax, we are committed to helping you find an accurate and efficient way to submit sales tax returns. The cost of hiring in-house department is an expensive venture that businesses can avoid and instead, channel investment to core business operations. Over time, we have successfully assisted our clients file sales tax returns in a stress-free manner.

Accuracy is an important consideration when filing sales tax returns and it is, therefore, important to outsource this responsibility to experts. We have put in place systems and mechanisms to ensure that we efficiently cope with various taxation support functions as well as provide tax consultancy services. There are a lot of advantages for your business when you choose to outsource your sales tax returns obligations to A&R Income Tax. Since we have been filing sales tax returns for a long period of time, we understand the challenges and technicalities that businesses face during the filing process.

Our experts at A&R Income Tax are always committed to helping your business to not only realized enhanced levels of efficiency but compliancy as well. Mistakes in filing sales tax returns are costly not only because of penalties imposed but can also ruin the reputation of your business. Since inception, our services have expanded because clients feel comfortable dealing with us and have full confidence in our expertise and ability to deliver.

Our expertise has enabled us cater for clients from various sectors such as wholesalers, retailers, gas stations, restaurants, construction companies among others. Clients value the contribution we accord them in filing not only sales tax returns, but other returns as required by the state government.

Whenever you require assistance for sales tax returns or any other related tax functions, we are always willing and ready to meet with you either at our offices or at your place of work. We fully understand the sensitivity of tax matters, and that’s why we do a thorough job with sales returns and leave nothing to chance. Don’t stress yourself and unnecessarily spend resources preparing tax returns, get in touch with us today.